Mermaid Cupcake Soap

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Neon? Mermaid? Yes please, and thank you! This handmade, hand piped cupcake soap is detergent free and will leave your skin soft and hydrated. The entire thing is soap and comes apart easily:

*Detach the tail from the frosting  
*The frosting will melt under running water  
*The base of the cupcake is also soap!

Scented in a blend of yummy candy fragrance oils

Ingredients for soap:Sorbitol (conditioning agent), coconut oil, propylene glycol (humectant), stearic acid (emollient), water, sodium hydroxide, glycerin, honey, buttermilk powder, oatmeal, calendula flower extract, titanium dioxide.

Ingredients for frosting: Sodium bicarbonate, cream of tarter, cocoa betaine, kaolin clay, sweet almond oil, fragrance, mica